Voice and data plan

Vodafone in Egypt has a broad variety of different voice prepaid SIM cards with various start-up prices, validities and voice and text rates. Not all brands may be on offer in every store.

Tourists may prefer their “holiday” SIM which is sold for 20 LE including 5 LE credit in their stores. They have a validity of 40 days. Top-ups don’t prolong this, you have to buy a pricey validity extension.

Data feature packs

Default rate outside of bundles is 0.25 LE per MB. Vodafone offers the following monthly data packages as add-ons to all of their prepaid lines:

  • 10 LE: 400 MB
  • 25 LE: 1.25 GB
  • 60 LE: 3.5 GB
  • 100 LE: 7 GB
  • 150 LE: 12 GB
  • 250 LE: 20 GB

After quota consumption you can buy one of these add-ons:

  • 5 LE: 150 MB
  • 20 LE: 1 GB
  • 10 LE: no cut off, but throttled to 32 kbps

To subscribe or manage your bundles dial *2828# or go online. All other plans have been discontinued.

Time-based bundles 

Furthermore, they offer time-based bundles:

  • 60 minutes: LE 1.25, FUP: 10 MB, activation: *125*1#
  • 11am-3pm: LE 1.25, FUP: 20 MB, activation: *125*2#
  • 1am-6am: LE 1.25, FUP: 20 MB, activation: *125*3#

The FUP throttles speed to 32 kbps.

You can enter following site for your account management- Change plan/recharge/check balance etc.



  • APN: internet.vodafone.net
  • Password: internet
  • Username: internet