NRE Status Calculator


Download the excel sheet to calculate NRE days from following link



7 thoughts on “NRE Status Calculator

  1. I am second Officer sailing in foreign going vessel registered in hongkong. I have 178 days stamped in CDC. Am short of 5 days. If I consider going to srilanka for 5 days period. Will it be counted to show nre status? Please clarify me on this matter.


    1. If you go by rules, it will not be considered for nre status. But if you can show that you are going for some official purpose and getting paid, it is ok. Take a letter from your company.Also if you work in FG ship, days on passport will be considered for days outside India.


      1. Company informed me that, they are not going to give any letter for this purpose. i heard that foreign registered vessels NRE status is shown by passport dates and Indian registered vessels show by CDC dates.
        one more problem is that immigration officer in Chennai seaport had made mistake in passport. i joined on 03.May.2015 but he endorsed date as 03.Jun.2015 i passport. there by 1 month shorter than actual. any idea how to deal about it ?

        thanks in advance


  2. good day sir,
    Just would like to know which type of letter do we require from company. It should be a shipping company or could be any other . right now I’m in sri lanka for completing NRE days. Please Explain…..


  3. Good Day Sir, Kindly suggest that person sailed on Indian registered vessel but foreign trade registered, if anchored in india for 3 months, will that be considered in nre days? If yes, Kindly suggest the circular no which suggest the same for clarification.
    Can you please suggest CA for pursuing this kind of matter to IT department.
    Eagerly waiting for your reply.


  4. Hello sir, I m an electrical engineer in merchant Navy, I joined vessel on 10 June 2017 and I got stamp on my passport on 8 June 2017 and got signoff on 6 December 2017 , working in FG ships ,what if I didn’t complete my nre days ,how much %tax IT will ask ,if I calculate days on passport it will be 182 days ,need help to understand better on this matter, thank you


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