MTS Russia


  • MTS (or MTC in Russian, stands for Mobile TeleSystems, “Мобильные ТелеСистемы”) is the biggest mobile provider in Russia by the number of subscribers. It’s available in most regions of the country and gives good speeds at somewhat lower prices than MegaFon (coverage map). There are some plans and bundles that work even on the Crimea peninsula on Win Mobile The prices below are given for the Moscow region.

    3G is on 2100 MHz and 900 MHz. LTE is on 2600 MHz in the form of both FDD-LTE and TDD-LTE (on bands 7 and 38) and on 800 and 1800 MHz. 4G/LTE coverage has reached all 83 regions where MTS operates by the end of 2015. 55% is on 1800 MHz, the others on 800 and 2600 MHz.

    General information

    • SIM card expires after 6 months (180 days) of inactivity. To extend this term, just use it – make a call or write a text message (easiest way). There is no way to see, how many days remaining.
    • To check your account balance, dial *100# or #100# for free
    • Correct internet settings (APN, login and password) are not required. It works with any settings.


    SIM cards are available in mini- or micro size at their branded stores (shop locations). You can also find them at cellphone shops, dealers, or in other electronics shops.

    You can buy the following starter packs:

    • Their standard prepaid voice and data SIM cards, like “Super MTS” (“Супер МТС”) plan for 100 RUR or “Red Energy” for 150 RUR. Both differ in voice rates, but have very high default data rate of 9.90 RUR per MB. So it’s better to add data packages or choose another plan.
    • New Smart series SIM card (from 200 RUR for Smart Mini to 1500 RUR for Smart Top pack) with combined packages
    • Special data SIM cards called “Connect-4” (“МТС Коннект-4”). Start up price is 700 RUR. You can use this sum as account credits or activate an Internet-Maxi option (see below).

    Also you can order some MTS SIM cards with free international delivery like here. Again, you will pay about 7 times as much as in Russia, but will have free delivery abroad and a SIM card ready when entering the country.

    Super MTS plan (Супер МТС)

    Probably the best voice plan available for time-to-time calling. No monthly fee. Main advantage of this plan are 20 mins of free outgoing calls to other MTS numbers of same region per day. You can choose additional data packs for this plan (like MiniBIT, BIT or SuperBIT, see below).

    Data feature packs for all voice plans

    This packs can be activated on any normal voice plan (“Super MTS” or “Red Energy”), but not on the Smart series (change plan instead) or Connect-4 plan, because it has its own data packs (see below).

    MTS data options for all basic voice plans
    Option Validity Fee(RUR) Data Activation Deactivat. Extension
    MiniBITМиниБИТ domestic————


    10 daily————-

    40 daily

    10 MB/day *111*162#then choose “1” *111*162#then choose “2” 100 MB for 30 RUR:*111*05*1#.

    – or –

    500 MB for 95 RUR: *167#

    BITБИТ domestic 200 monthly 75 MB/day *252# *111*252*2#
    SuperBITСуперБИТ national 350 monthly 3 GB /month *628# *111*628*2#

    Remaining data volume can be checked by dialing *217#. Daily data is counted from 3am to 3am.

    Smart plan (линейка тарифов Smart)

    Smart series offers you a bunch of combo-pack plans with a monthly fee, where calls, SMS and data are included. Often it’s a better choice than adding a data pack to regular voice plan. Big advantage of this plans is their nationwide availability (valid in all regions, not only in domestic area). MTS Smart series is valid even in Crimea region and Sevastopol. It my be the best option for smartphone use.

    Monthly fee is deducted from your account balance at the moment of plan activation. The next debit will be exactly 30 days after the date of activation. If your account balance is not sufficient for next monthly fee, all services (voice and data) will be temporarily suspended. To unblock, recharge your account.

    These plans are only for smartphones and tablets usage. Using them in modems or mobile routers is prohibited with a warning message displayed. MTS detects most used modems and routers by their IMEI number and blocks the mobile data usage in such devices. However, tethering is not blocked and confirmed as usable on this plans.

    Monthly MTS Smart plans (Moscow region)
    Plan Fee Validity Domestic Calls SMS Data Activation
    monthly on-net off-net domestic
    Smart mini 200RUR domestic unltd. 200 mins 50 1 GB *111*1023#
    Smart 450RUR national unltd. 500 mins 500 3 GB *111*1024#
    Smart Nonstop 650RUR national unltd. 500 mins 500 10 GB+ unltd. at night *111*1027#
    Smart Plus 900 RUR national unltd. 1100 mins 1100 5 GB *111*1025#
    Smart Top 1500 RUR national unltd. 2000 mins 2000 10 GB *111*1026#

    To check the remaining data, SMS and minutes, dial *100*1#. To check balance, dial *100#.

    Connect-4 data plan (МТС Коннект-4)

    This plan is designed special for mobile data. It allows calling and texting, but rates for calls are the worst possible. Main advantage of this plan is lower default data rate of 1.5 RUR per MB. This rate is valid nationwide. Also this plan has a different set of data bundles (see below). You can use this plan with any device, including smartphones (but why?), tablets and modems / routers without any limits.

    Warning: all following Internet Packs are valid only in a domestic region (like the Moscow area). Trying to use it outside of domestic region leads you to additional 50 RUR per day surcharge until you return to your domestic region or turn the option off. So, if you want to use MTS Internet not only in Moscow, better choose Smart series plan or SuperBIT option instead of this.

    Monthly MTS Connect-4 Data Options (for Moscow)
    Option name Fee Validity Data Volume Activation
    Internet Mini 350 RUR domesticonly 3 GB *111*160#
    Internet Maxi 700 RUR 12 GB + 12 GB(01.00 am – 07.00 am) *111*161#
    Internet VIP 1200 RUR 30 GB + unlimited(01.00 am – 07.00 am) *111*162#

    Remaining data volume can be checked by dialing *217#, balance check is *100#.

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