Customs Baggage Rules at a Glance

All Passengers entering into India are expected to adhere to the Baggage rules as prescribed by Indian Customs from time to time. They need to fill up the Customs declaration form as prescribed. The Passenger has the option of seeking clearance through the green channel (for passengers not having dutiable goods) or the Red channel (if the passenger has dutiable goods).


dutyfree allowance

dutyfree allowance laptop


  • Alcoholic liquor or wines upto two litres.Passengers are allowed within the Duty Free Allowance:

Cigarettes upto100 sticks OR 25 cigars or 125 gms of tobacco.

  • Duty Free Allowance is not allowed to be pooled with the free

allowance of any other passenger including family members

  • Tourists are allowed to bring used personal effects(including used jewellery) for personal use free of duty subject to the condition that they would be taken back out of India.
  • One laptop computer (notebook computer) is exempted from Customs duty when imported by passenger of age 18 years or above. (This does not include Desktop computer).


  • The free allowance is not applicable to following goods:
  1. Fire Arms.
  2. Cartridges of fire arms exceeding 50.
  3. Cigarettes exceeding 100 or cigars exceeding 25 or tobacco exceeding 125 gms.
  4. Alcoholic liquor or wines in excess of 2 litres.
  5. Gold or silver, in any form,other than ornaments.
  6. Flat Panel(LCD/LED/Plasma) Television. (Flat Panel TV sets are not entitled for baggage allowance and will suffer baggage rate of duty on full value as determined)


An Indian passenger who was engaged in his profession abroad shall on his return to India be allowed clearances free of duty, in addition to the aforesaid allowances, articles in his bonafide baggage to the extent as mentioned below – 

Sr.No Returning after (time period) Rules applicable
1 After atleast 3 months 1.   Professional shall be allowed used household articles up to aggregate value of Rs 12,000/-.

2.   Professional equipment upto a value of Rs 20,000/-

2. After atleast 6 months 1.   Professional shall be allowed used household articles upto aggregate value of Rs 12,000/-.

2.   Professional equipment upto a value of Rs 40,000/-

3. After a stay of minimum 1 year, during preceding 2 years on termination of his work. Used personal effects and household articles which have been in their possession for not less than 6 months upto an aggregate value of Rs 75,000/-.


For the purpose of baggage rules Professional Equipments means such portable equipments,instruments, apparatus and appliances as are required in his profession, by acarpenter, a plumber, a welder, a mason, and the like and shall not includeitems of common use such as cameras, cassette recorders, Dictaphones, personalcomputers, typewriters, and other similar articles.


Passengers importing foreign currency notes in excess of value of US $5000 or its equivalent and total foreign exchange in the form of Currency notes, Bank Notes or Traveller’s Cheques of a value in excess of US $10,000 or its equivalent are required to declare to Customs and obtain Currency Declaration Form from Customs Counter,failing which, it may lead to seizure, confiscation, prosecution and penalaction.

Import of Indian currency is not allowed except for passengers normally resident in India who are returning from a visit abroad. Such passengers can import Indian currency notes of value not exceeding Rs. 25,000/-



 A Passenger eligible to import Gold (studded jewellery is excluded) in the Baggage is:

1)     Any passenger of Indian Origin or a passenger holding a valid

Passport, issued under the Passport Act, 1967,

2)    who is coming to India after a period of not less than six months         of   stay abroad; and short visits, if any, made by the passenger during  the aforesaid period of six months shall be ignored if the total   duration of stay on such visits does not exceed thirty days.

Thus, except eligible passenger who satisfy above conditions, no other   Passengers are allowed to import gold in baggage.


Other Conditions

(i) The duty shall be paid in convertible foreign currency.

Concessional rate of duty @ 10% is applicable for gold to Indian passport holders and persons of Indian origin if stay abroad is for more than 6 months. Short visits upto a total of 30 days during the six months shall be ignored.

(ii) The weight of gold should not exceed 1 kg. per passenger.

(iii) The passenger can either bring the gold himself at the time of arrival or import the same within fifteen days of his arrival in India as unaccompanied baggage.

(iv)The passenger can also obtain the permitted quantity of gold from Customsbonded warehouse of State Bank of India and Metals and Minerals TradingCorporation subject to conditions (i) and (ii) above. He is required to file adeclaration in the prescribed Form before the Customs Officer at the time ofarrival in India stating his intention to obtain the gold from the Customsbonded warehouse and pay the duty before clearance.

The Indianpassengers who have been residing abroad for over one year can import jewelleryfree of duty upto an aggregate value of Rs 50,000/- by a gentleman passengerand Rs 1,00,000/- by a lady passenger.



All the points givenin import of Gold as baggage above from (i) to (iv) shall apply to import of silveras baggage except that in point (ii) the weight of silver should not exceed thequantity of 10 kgs  per passenger.

Value of gold andsilver is to be taken as per the Tariff value fixed for the item throughnotification from time to time.

Import of Gold and Silver by a foreign national is prohibited


Import of pets up to two numbers perpassenger are allowed as baggage only to persons transferring their residenceto India after two year of continuous stay abroad in terms of Baggage Rules,1998 subject to production of required health certificate from country oforigin and examination of the said pets by the animal quarantine officerwithout an import licence issued by DGFT. Thus the other passengers are notallowed to import pet animals as per baggage rules.



Satellite phone is not permitted to be imported except against alicence to be issued by the WPC wing of Ministry of Communication andInformation Technology.




 Used personal effects and bonafide baggage of passenger is allowed free ofduty.

  • Baggage containing goods in commercial quantity / restricted / prohibitedgoods attract penal provisions.
  • Export of goods purchased in foreign Exchange brought in by the passengersis allowed except for prohibited/Restricted Goods.


  • Export certificate can be obtained on demand for the goods that are capableof being easily identified by their make, model and distinct serial number. Forissue of export certificate physical verification of the goods is mandatory.Please contact customs counter in departure hall for the same.
  • For obtaining export certificate in case of jewellery, passengers arerequired to approach customs authorities at precious cargo customs clearancecentre (PCCC) at Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra (east), Mumbai well in advancebefore the day of departure. You may contat Deputy/Assisstant Commissioner(PCCC) at ph no. –022-26754000.


  • Export of Currency by a Non Resident Indian / Foreigner is “Restricted”.
  • Residents in India are allowed to carry with them Indian Currency notes notexceeding value Rs 25,000/-
  • Carrying of Indian currency notes in denomination of Rs 500/- and Rs1,000/- to Nepal and Bhutan is prohibited. Carrying of Indian currency notes insmaller denomination (upto Rs 100/-) o Nepal and Bhutan is permitted.
  • Indian Residents going abroad can take along with them foreign exchangeincluding foreign currency without any limit so long as the same has beenissued by RBI approved / authorized foreign exchange dealer as per norms.
  • Tourists / NRI’s while leaving India are allowed to take with them foreigncurrency not exceeding an amount brought in by them, i.e unspent foriegnexchange left from the amount declared in the CDF at the time of their arrivalin India.



Provisions of baggage rules are extendedto unaccompanied baggage except where they have been specifically excluded. Theun-accompanied baggage should have been in the possession abroad of thepassenger and should be despatched before two months of his arrival or withinone month of his arrival in India or within such period, not exceeding oneyear, as the assistant commissioner of customs may allow. The passenger has tofile baggage declaration form ( BDF ) for the clearance of his baggage in theEDI system, declaring true contents of his baggage. Unlike for accompaniedbaggage, there is no duty free allowance (for new goods ) available forun-accompanied baggage. However, there are other duty free allowances onhousehold and professional goods available for eligible passengers under thebaggage rules even for unaccompanied baggage.

Transfer of Residence

IndianPassengers returning to India for good after minimum two years stay  abroad can avail benefit of Transfer ofResidence facility under Rule 8 of Baggage Rules 1998 (as amended in 2006)provided their stay in India on short visit during two preceding years shouldnot exceed  180 days.  Under TR facility, used personal andhousehold articles other than those listed in Annexure I and II of Baggagerules will be allowed free of Duty. One unit each of articles mentioned inAnnexure II will attract concessional duty of 15% ad valorem except flat panelT.V. which will attract Baggage rate duty. This benefit can be availed once inthree years.


 Please note“Misdeclaration”, “non declaration” and concealment of imported goods is anoffence under the customs Act and the penal provisions may lead to –

  • Imposition of heavy fine in respect ofthe concerned goods if these are released,or
  • Absolute confiscation of goods
  • Imposition of penalty on individual orconcerned entities.
  • Arrest andprosecution including invocation of preventivedetention in serious cases.


Instances have come to the notice that people have beengetting calls to deposit money in certain bank accounts on the pretext ascustom officers for clearance of parcels and goods.  Custom officers nevercall any one and ask to pay customs duty to any individual or deposit in to anyaccount. The general public is hereby warned not to entertain suchcalls/callers.

Mumbai Airport Contact Numbers:-

In case of any difficulty orcomplaint at the CSI Airport, Mumbai, the passengers may be contact:

1)   Deputy/AssistantCommissioner of Customs Ph.No. 022-             26828711



2)   Help Desk at the Customs Arrival Hall PhNo. 022-26828719, 66850928/933


3) Help Desk at Departure-  022-  66850963



4) Unaccompanied Baggage Centre. –         022- 2682 8181


5) Toll free number- 1800220133

As a step forward to passenger facilitation, a toll free help lineis provided to answer any query about Baggage rules.  The person calling from any part of thecountry will not be charged for his call.



Website- 1) Mumbai)

2) (Central Board ofCentral Excise & Customs)


 Informationregarding other agencies at T-2 terminal, CSI Airport

Sr. No. Agency Helpline / Mob. No. Email ID Website
1 GVK 022-66852013

2 Immigration 022-26828098



3 CISF 022-66851300

4 POSTAL OFFICE 022-26829246


5 STATE BANK 022-26829858


(Shift Manager)

7 HEALTH / Ebola 022-28392429






9 Quarantine









Helpline number


Website Address

JET AIRWAYS 1800 22 55 22
AIR INDIA 1800 180 1407
EMIRATES 022 3377 3377
GULF AIR 1800 123 7474




Disclaimer-The above information is compilation of instructions/ circulars issued by Ministry from time to time. For detail and authentic information please gothrough Baggage Rules, 1998 and the Customs Act 1962.


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