Low cost data SIM card- Surfroam

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Low cost data SIM-  Buy SIM for 15 Euro and Get 15 Euro credit inside

SIM card will be sent to your home (world wide) free of charge, you will receive within one week

No Expiry

No documents required

No need of purchasing any plan-  Pay for only the data used

Receive SMS absolutely FREE all over the world

Ready to use- Pre activated

Topup online- pay using debit cards/credit cards/bitcoin/paypal.

My review:-  I ordered this SIM and received within one week(total cost 15 Euro and got 15 Euro balance). It was already activated. Found this is very useful as there is no need to buy any package like in Chilli SIM or I-vitta.  I-Vitta started one new offer for 10 Euro – 1 GB data for 10 days in Europe and Turkey.But If we don’t use fully, it will be a waste of money. But in Surfroam, we are paying only for the MBs we use.

Also Surfroam work in almost all countries . I recommend this SIM for my seafarer friends

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